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We are set to take your business to the next level and grow your sales using the power of having a business website. That’s the digital advantage!

The Sell it Online Blueprint...

is perfect for Small and Medium businesses (SMBs) in Nigeria that want to reach a wider market and make more sales using the internet. It is for you if you want to


Convert Your Current Website into a Marketing Channel

If you already have a Website but not making any sales with it, then the Sell it Online package is for you. We will convert your current website into a powerful marketing channel that attracts, engages and converts website visitors into customers.


Increase Your Business' Sales Online

Your business website will Help you increase your business revenue potential using website funnels that pull in new customers from social media and across the internet, thereby boosting sales.


Maximize Your Social Media Presence

It’s one thing to have a large followership on Instagram, Facebook, etc but it is another thing entirely to know how to convert these followers/fans into paying customers. The Website will Help you achieve this easily without stress.


Take Your Offline Business Online in 2021

If you have a Business that operates Offline, or a physical shop that sells stuff, it’s time to scale up that shop by taking it online in order to reach a wider market and sell to people outside your present physical location.


Have a New Website for Your Business

To stay competitive  in today’s business world, you must have a website. Your business website is the foundation of your digital strategy. To really leverage the power of social media, you need your own platform – a website.


Work with a Reliable Digital Agency

If you are a business looking for a reliable Web Design & Digital Agency that will make your business growth a priority, helping you attract new customers through your website, then we are for you.

Yes, I want to Start Growing my Business!

I want to Grow my Sales Online

Success online begins with having a quality and beautiful website for your business. That’s what Zizix Digital offers you!

Zizix Digital

Zizix Digital has shown tenacity in responding to all our requests while developing our website. Most times, we made several changes within a short time and they patiently saw to it that everything came out the exact way we wanted.

Stephanie Joe

Based on my experience and interaction with the Zizix Digital team, I can very much say their services are quite remarkable. They deliver on their brand offerings and esteem client satisfaction and feedback.

Mercy Turner

During the 3 years we’ve worked together, the Zizix Digital team have demonstrated their commitment to assisting us in achieving our goals as it concerns online advertising, newsletters, and general updates and designs on our website. I highly recommend them.

Teddy Bills

Get a 35% Discount!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your business to the next level and start growing your sales. 2021 is that year to take your business very serious by leveraging the power of going digital and Selling Online. This Sell it Online Promo gives you a professional Website for your business at a discount of 35 percent (%). This means that you can get a one page website for just ₦49,999 and a basic 5 pages website for ₦97,500. The Promo is open to only 10 Businesses in August, 2021. So, Hurry to be among the Lucky 10. Click the Blue link below to grab this opportunity!

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